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           I am currently working on a project with my long-time associate and good friend, Jan Ault. It’s a short animated film created to visually compliment an audio track that Jan composed and recorded. The song has a distinct “Road Trip” sound to it with an infectious driving beat. The organ starts low and builds up to a crescendo at the end that is amazing! This should be a lot of fun! Working on the storyboard right now, and starting to develop some imagery that feels appropriate. The animation layouts and primary scenes will be hand-drawn and then scanned for digital editing. I’ll use Adobe After Effects for any required special effects. The final piece will be compiled in Adobe Premier.

           Jan and I have been writing music together since we played in a rock band way back in high school. In 2005 Jan began studying with Dr. Joe Waters at San Diego State University. We were fortunate enough to participate in some of the musical exhibitions directed by Dr. Waters and found the whole experience to be highly energizing musically.

Sundowner ~ 2006

          “Sundowner” is a musical composition by Jan Ault who performed on synthesizers, drums, samples and assorted weird stuff. Sam Hallmark assisted on electric guitar. Originally performed with appropriate graphic presentation at the Spring edition of the 2006 Electro-Acoustic Music Festival, Smith Recital Hall, San Diego State University, San Diego, Calif. on May 9, 2006. The composition captures in sight and sounds the sublime beauty of decay found at the Salton Sea, California. Created in 1905 when the Colorado River changed it’s course for over two years the resulting body of water is the saltiest in the world. In particular, the focus is on the abandoned ruins of the “Sundowner Motel”, an early 1960′s era structure (originally “The Holley House” ~ now demolished) with an exceptional example of googie architecture found in it’s neon sign.

          Check out the link below for the YouTube video of “Sundowner”;  

~ sidestreetsam

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