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                                    Sam Hallmark ~ Graphic Designer
                        Conceptual Design ● Animation ● Multi-Media ● Music                                         ● Cartooning ● Storyboards ● Video ●                                                                     Advertising ● Technical Documentation

Desert Wind Graphics was established in 1993 as an affordable graphic design solution for a wide range of clients. From conceptual media, storyboards, print collaterals, logo design, multi-media presentations, animation, engineering, technical, marketing , advertising and corporate image packages, Desert Wind Graphics will fulfill your design needs for projects both big and small. With over thirty years of design experience I can provide you with access to a unique skill set that will deliver your project on time, within budget and on target! Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have regarding your graphic design needs.

 Sam Hallmark ~ Desert Wind Graphics ~ (858) 722-0795 ~ desertwindgraphics.com        14614 Bowdoin Road, Poway, CA  92064 ~ sidestreetsam@netscape.net 

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12 comments on “About Me

  1. Wow!
    You never cease to amaze me Samwell. Love it, love it, love it. I am just starting to tear into the Lake Mudge Chronicle articles, except that it’s tough to get past the incredible pics of the Sea! I never realized how beautiful and tranquil this place is and I am so very glad you have opened my eyes to such a gem so close to where I live. We gotta do a road trip!

    • Howdy, Trina! Thanks for checking out my site. I’ll make sure you get notified when I send out my next post…and feel free to share it with anyone you like. Love ya, babe. You’re Bro, Sammy

  2. VERY IMPRESSIVE SAM! I’ll see if we can check out the celebration in June.
    MISS YOU around HOPE! Hi to Debbie for me.

    • Thanks, Phylura! I miss you and Denise most when I think of Hope… especially some of our more outrageous early morning talks over that first cup of coffee… ha-ha! Say “hi” to Steve and we’ll see each other soon (maybe Cracker Barrel in late July?).
      Love you, Sam

  3. Hey Sam! Beautiful new blog, my man. Lovely words and photos and art… :) I just switched to a WP blog for my biz too, and it’s a nice dose of freedom. All the Best to you and Debbie and the Girls!


    • Hey, Paul! So good to hear from you, amigo… I hope all is well with you and yours. Thanks for visiting my site and I’m glad you enjoyed it…Let us know if you get down San Diego way so we can hook up! Keep Smiling, Sam…

  4. Sam~
    So glad to see that someone recalls the Mithras/Unicorn. Thanks for your post.

    The newspaper account had some errors, none of much importance now. The Mithras/Unicorn was a great place, and many wonderful events happened there for public and personnel alike.


    • ~ Hi, Xian! Thanks for your comments regarding the Mithras bookstore and Unicorn theatre. I would love to hear any personal memories you’d like to share. Everyone I’ve met who experienced it has been changed for the better!

  5. My fond memories began with meeting Leigh through an introduction of a common friend. It was 1976 and both the Mithras bookstore and Unicorn theatre were going strong; I had just moved to San Diego from San Luis Obispo and was looking for work in a time when employment was extremely difficult to find. Leigh was kind enough to give me work as a live-in guard at the “Digital Dragon” which was the little known accounting office for his operations. In December, Leigh through me a birthday party in the Lobby of the Unicorn theatre; a great time was had by all.

    From time to time, I would do odd jobs for Leigh and I helped him with the preparations for his annual “Ice Cream Social”, an extravaganza of many flavors that he had at his home in the back yard amongst the beautiful stand of tall Pine Trees. I also recall the after hours, group sing-along with all gathered around his upright player piano; he had a great collection of show tunes on paper roles that I would load and run as we sang.

    For a short time, we became intimately involved and he was a very attentive lover, just the same, the passion did not last and we parted at some point; I regret that we lost touch in the 80′s but that was a crazy decade that changed everything in the gay community. So many people in the arts and entertainment industry died in that time and sadly, the Mithras bookstore and Unicorn theatre were closed after hard times driven by the change that video tape and eventually DVDs brought to video entertainment as well as what the Internet brought to the distribution and sale of books.

    The period finally ended when the Green Tiger Press at the downtown location was closed and the old-style color press was removed. Some really beautiful graphics were created at this location but the time of computer graphics overtook this operation while the value of the land where it was located, demanded redevelopment in a prime sector of downtown San Diego.

    Leigh had an interesting life although he was a bit of a recluse with the general public; he enjoyed a close circle of friends and loved to entertain when he had a chance. I believe that he was born in the year of the Tiger and this may have been the source for the name “Green Tiger Press” although the large machine was actually green. I think he also had something to do with the “Mithras” name as well because, I recall that he thought he resembled the statue from antiquity with the same name; he strongly believed in reincarnation.

    I was sad to discover that he had died some years ago but, I’m sure that he is as busy in the afterlife as he was in life here and likely coordinating some great plan to bring people together for fun and visually intense entertainment!

    • Ron-what a beautiful memory and testimonial of Leigh, the Mithras Bookstore, the Unicorn Theatre, and the Green Tiger Press. The connections between all these seemingly unrelated entities are truly cosmic and continue to inspire me to this day. ~ Samwell

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