NEXUS and the band formerly known as “Wing and a Prayer”

          NEXUS is the name of the band I’ve been playing with in some form or another for at least 10 years. We were originally called the “Celebration Band“, and from 2006-2012 we went by the name, “Wing and a Prayer“. We have been the house praise band at the Community Church of Poway during that entire time. Over the years and through various personnel changes we developed more of  a band sound with the addition of drums, keyboards, and electric guitars.

          Pamela Metz is the latest addition to our band. Pamela posseses an amazing singing voice. She also plays flute and a mean bass guitar. Pamela has also brought to our group some wonderful new music to challenge ourselves with.

          NEXUS plays an eclectic range of music in various genres. We play songs by the Moody Blues, Eric Clapton, Rare Earth, Sly and the Family Stone, ELP, Scorpions, The Youngbloods, Eagles, Beatles, The Byrds, Santana, CSN&Y, James Taylor, Son Volt, Lady Gaga, and Creed. We also play a wide-range of praise music and some our own original compositions.

      NEXUS plays every Sunday in the historic Community Church of Poway chapel located at 13501 Community Road. Worship time is 11:15am.  

      NEXUS also plays this Friday, January 25th, at the Blue Tattoo Sports Bar & Grill ) in Poway. The address is 13437 Community Road in the Wal-Mart shopping center next to the DMV. The band starts at 7pm and plays until 10pm.

     So come on down this Friday night and enjoy fun, food, fellowship, and rocking music with Nexus at the Blue Tattoo!

~ sidestreetsam

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2 comments on “NEXUS and the band formerly known as “Wing and a Prayer”

  1. It is amazing how long you have been playing music at the church. I hate to date you, but you probably started playing back in the late 1990′s with your 3 piece acoustic band. That was when Rev. Frantz was there. Then I think it progressed when Rev. B-T was there. You have all grown so much as you minister to people through music and words.
    We will see you at the Blue Tattoo this Friday the 25th.

    • Thanks, Luv! I knew it must have been closer to 17 years playing music up at the church. I’ll ask Bernie Carroll for confirmation on that… he’s been with me in the band the whole time! Thanks for correcting the date of our gig to January 25th. I must have been looking at my Julian Calendar… or maybe my Mayan calendar?

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