Doyle Reno Exhibit at McNabb Martin Gallery

          On a quiet side street in Julian, CA, you’ll find Doyle Reno hard at work in his backyard studio grinding out intricate molds for his cast acrylic creations. Reversed sculpted and painted, Doyle’s art is at once luminescent, profound, and compelling. Covered in shavings from head to toe, Doyle always has time to to show visitors the ends-and-outs of his creative process. His vision is labor intensive. Larger works can take a month-and-a-half or more to complete. This Friday, November 9th, there will be a reception for Doyle from 6-9pm at the McNabb Martin Contemporary Art Gallery in downtown San Diego’s Little Italy. On exhibit will be some of Doyle’s major pieces, and you’ll get a chance to meet the artist. Highly recommended.



~ samwell


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