Creativity & Dream Symbols: “Hands”

          Think of all the things we accomplish with our hands. We can create great works of art such as Michaelangelo’s Sistine Chapel ceiling. Or we can sculpt amazing pieces such as Rodin’s ‘Thinking Man.’ Or we may write a classic novel such as Flaubert’s Madame Bovary.

          Hands in dreams can be asking us to look at our creative instincts and follow them. We often ignore our creative instincts, think that there are more useful things to be done with our time, or we may feel that we haven’t the time to engage in such endeavours. But if hands and fingers continually appear in your dreams, they may be pointing to some artistic talent that is not being utilized but which desperately wants to be.

          I’ve been dreaming about a disembodied hand, fingers outstretched, floating against a sky in various landscapes. Invariably, the interior of the hand is filled with swirling galaxies, comets, stars, etc… This dream motif seems to be hardwired within me on a certain level. The hand drawings started in the early seventies and continued thru early digital efforts during the next two decades. I still work with this image in a lot of different ways, more out of compulsion than anything else I suppose.

Drawings of the Day ~ “Hands” Series ~ 1973 - 2003 

"Black Hand" ~ 1973


"Forbidden Knowledge" ~ 1974


“River of Heaven” ~ 1995
“Ghost Hand” ~ 2003


~ sidestreetsam

About sidestreetsam

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4 comments on “Creativity & Dream Symbols: “Hands”

  1. I really like these. It is like Writing. I have what is called a Sweet Spot Map. On it I list all sorts of things that constantly keep floating up into my mind. For instance romance, dragons, elves, humor, etc. Lots of different things. When I started developing a storyline for my current novel in process I spent a lot of time looking at this map and figuring out what was my Muse (Willow) trying to tell me. While a lot of the items didn’t quite work for what I was thinking of writing, all the things in the list above managed to find their way into the novel, along with others from the map that I did not list.

    If you Muse, or whatever you want to call it, is telling you something. Don’t just ignore it. There may be something there that could change your life.

    • Thanks, Peter! You are a very perceptive person to see that pictures are a special form of writing. And you are absolutely correct about listening to you’re muse. To ignore these inner messages can be unhealthy and lead to a life full of regrets.

  2. SamMan,
    Nice progression through the years.
    Kind of liked “River of Heaven”.
    Is that the Hand of Death, or Deity, awaiting our highway traveler ?
    You make the call……

    • Thanks, Tommy! To me the “River of Heaven” is the Milky Way, which represents the unknown potential, both good and bad, of all things. So, in short, you are correct to assume it is the “Hand of Death, or Deity”… and of course, the highway is the life road we all travel on.

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