“Hollywood and Vine”

          One of my favorite spots in the desert is just north of Ocotillo on the eastern drain of Vallecito Creek. The sign at the turnoff reads “Palm Springs”. About two-and-a-half miles down the wash you come a prominent hillock famously known as “Hollywood and Vine”.

Hollywood and Vine ~ Anza Borrego

         The street sign was installed during  WWII by Army tank crews and has been maintained in good repair and fresh paint by rangers of Anza Borrego State Park. The signpost did much more than serve as a whimsical nod to the far off glamour of tinsel town. During war game maneuvers personnel used the signpost as one of the few dependable recon positions in a sea of identical looking dry washes. 

          “Hollywood and Vine” is a hill with unique features for it’s small size. Double ridges of mud and decomposed red granite pile up on two sides forming a small peak. Everything appears to be melting by the force of time. A weather-beaten little trail winds up the main ridge-line up to the signpost. At the top you are rewarded with a panoramic view of three massive dry washes converging on each other like a geologic freeway exchange as they skirt around the base of the hill. There is just enough room for one or two people to check out the view from the top. The ridges of the hill form a horseshoe that creates a natural bowl amphitheater. Protection from the wind for your bonfire. Privacy from other campers as they drive back and forth on the sandy wash all day and night. Lots of activity in this area of the desert for jeep 4-wheel drive action. The Mud Caves are nearby and remain a popular destination. A great place for an overnighter with friends. Sitting around a fire playing your git-fiddle.

 Drawing of the Day ~ Four-pallet fire – “Hollywood and Vine”


Four-pallet fire ~ "Hollywood and Vine"

~ samwell


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3 comments on ““Hollywood and Vine”

  1. I see my blue tape is still on the sign. I would tape a small American flag to the pole when we would camp there . I also repainted the sign once as it was fading.
    A 4 pallet fire is the reason they will close this area to people who abuse it . All fires are to be in a metal container.
    I was there about 4 months ago and the sign was gone. Some jerk stole it , I’m sure.
    Hope it gets replaced.
    Millennials don’t deserve this place.

    • Always respect the desert , folks! You deserve a lot of credit Charley for keeping the sign up to notch! I’ve never had an exposed fire in the desert! As you know, the desert is very flammable. Our fire container is made from the insides of and old washing machine. Works great… and burns up an old busted down pallet in about an hour. So sorry to hear about the sign being stolen…so many jerks out there!

  2. Wash tubs work great. I had a friend weld me up a 2′x2′ metal pan with sides. The Ranger loved it when he saw it.
    I’ve been camping at Hollywood & Vine since about 1980. The sign was pushed over the hill by vandals once before and it was replaced.
    I will check it in about about a month when I go out there.

    Last time we were camping there was a wanna be off roader in a shiny black Hummer drove into our camp and proceeded to drive the vehicle right up the side of that hill toward the base of the sign- right next to the
    no vehicles allowed sign.
    Needless to say three pissed off desert lovers put the fear of God in that moron and sent him on his way.
    In the 80′s off road vehicles were allowed in Anza Borrego as long as you stayed on the main dirt roads and washes. We had Honda ATC 3 wheelers back then. If we saw some jerk flat tracking across the desert we would catch up to him and “educate them” on respecting the desert.
    Of course unlicensed off roads vehicles are no longer allowed, which is fine because as I am older now I appreciate the silence. They can go out to the dunes and run into each other over all night.
    The Park Service keeps closing more and more areas out there. They are even considering a proposal to make it illegal to camp, hike or ride a horse anywhere off of the main road and washes.
    That is easier for them than to enforce the laws.
    That will be a sad day. They forget. The desert is ours. Not theirs.

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