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Lucid Dreamer

Q. So, how do I go about ‘Lucid Dreaming’?

It’s important to set the scene up properly. While going into a lucid dreaming state you’ll listen to something playing lightly in the background. I believe, it’s my personal theory, that by choosing content of a benign nature, colorful, musical, with a real fantasy component, you can avoid the accumulation of negative energies found in shows depicting realistic violence, blood, etc.

Q. What kind of shows should I use?

Interestingly, our subconscious minds can discern the difference between implied reality and pure fantasy. All funny, colorful, musical, cartoon shows seem to work. Gumby is perfect being somewhat cast as a claymation Zen Buddhist! (just check out Art Clokey!) Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies are also a good choice. Strangely enough, the Three Stooges also work well. Multiple viewings of these films familiarizes the subconscious mind and commits to deep memory the various scenarios. This allows you to meditate on the totality of the experience without paying attention to what’s going on. After time and practice (yes, believe it or not!) you’ll be able to incorporate this discipline into a decompression routine you can use before you prepare for bedtime. Here it’s possible to develop something useful. Lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming allows us to dream with a purpose. Solve your daily problems while you dream intentionally.


Start by dimming the lights. Prepare for bed and get into your quiet spot. Put on the cartoons with the sound turned real low but still audible. Close your eyes and visualize the cartoon you’re not watching. Then pose a problem you can solve with lucid dreaming. It works best if you have a goal in mind. Your first task is to look at your hands and tell yourself, “I have found my hands and I am also really dreaming!” Don’t move on until you accomplish this first task. You’ll know deep down when you are lucid dreaming because you feel a certain clarity that exists beyond words and language. It’s possible to accomplish important tasks while lucid dreaming. But it takes a lot of work. At first you may want to keep a dream diary, where you write down all your dream activity. Sometimes alarm clocks are employed to wake you up at predetermined intervals if you can’t remember a significant amount of dream material.

Q. What can you do in a lucid dream?

Well, it seems to rely on how open to possibilities you are in your waking life. With enough faith anything is possible. One of the smaller tasks possible with lucid dreaming is finding lost objects. This really works! With lucid dreaming you can review conversations as they actually happened as opposed to the version spinning in your head. You can also review situations that you took place in. Lucid dreaming allows you to witness the replay of any situation as a spectator instead of a confused participant. This can be immensely valuable when re-examining your own behaviors with a cold and dispassionate eye.

Luminous Being #2

~ Luminous Being in Landscape ~ ©2015  Sam Hallmark

And with enough practice, patience, and faith, it’s possible with lucid dreaming to check in on your loved ones from impossible distances. You can also visit with those who have passed on to the afterlife. You can reconcile with your loved ones and tell all those important people the things that you couldn’t say in real life for whatever reason. You can visit famous people from the past. Or visit special people, mentors in life who made you what you are today. Don’t be surprised to be tasked with some sort of question or small mission to be completed by yourself. It’s almost as if you are being tested to see if you are paying attention. Lucid dreaming is a circle. Everything is a circle. Going around and around again. Lucid dreaming works best when you open up to whatever pulls you into the circle. Just flow with it.

~ samwell

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  1. I’m one of those who rarely remembers my dreams so I’m going to try this! Thanks, Sam. Colleen and Alf told me about this post. Word is out on YOU! Mahalo. :-)

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