“Arabian Eyes”

My youngest daughter, Stephanie Hallmark, is a hard working young woman. Like a lot of folks nowadays, she works two different jobs and does them both very well. She is an esthetician at the European Wax Center located in 4S Ranch and also works as a server at Stone Brewery’s Liberty Station location in Point Loma. She loves both jobs.

Stephanie is also a fantastic artist. Working mostly in acrylics she has produced some profound and moving paintings. Influenced by both Georgia O’Keefe and Frida Kahlo, her work has an hyper-real photographic edge to it while expressing moods of a decidedly surrealistic nature.

Arabian Eyes

~ Arabian Eyes ~    ©2007 Stephanie Hallmark

            Stephanie has a clear vision in mind before committing anything to canvas. Her design choices are always based on solid reference and observations. Her color sense is exceptional and the way she handles blending and shading treatments really makes her artwork stand out.

Ebony Blue

~ Ebony Blue ~       ©2008 Stephanie Hallmark

~ sidestreetsam

About sidestreetsam

Sam Hallmark ~ Graphic Designer ● Conceptual Design ● Animation ● Multi-Media ● Music ● Desert Wind Graphics was established in 1994 as an affordable graphic design solution for a wide range of clients. From conceptual media, storyboards, print collaterals, logo design, multi-media presentations, animation, engineering, technical, marketing , advertising and corporate image packages, Desert Wind Graphics will fulfill your design needs for projects both big and small. With over twenty-five years of design experience I can provide you with access to a unique skill set that will deliver your project on time, within budget and on target! Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have regarding your graphic design needs.
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5 comments on ““Arabian Eyes”

  1. These are really beautiful art works! I’ve never seen anything Stephanie has done before and I’m impressed. Pass on my congratulations!

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