Symbol Saturday ~ Body

          Certain parts of the human body can symbolize protection. This is the defensive meaning of the protruding tongue, seen in images of the Egyptian god Bes.

          Other protective divinities, such as the Greek Hermes and the Roman Janus, have multiple heads to indicate all-seeing guardianship. The combined male and female heads on some Egyptian statues have similar meaning.

          In several other cultures, four-headed tetramorphs protect the directions of space. The biblical prophet Ezekiel saw such creatures in a vision, with the heads of a man, lion, ox and eagle.

          The hand, with palm open and facing outward, is usually a protective blocking symbol.

          In some contexts, the phallus was a defensive image. Greek and Roman gardeners sometimes used statues of Priapus, the son of Dionysus (Bacchus), to scare birds or other marauders away from their vineyards or orchards with his over scale, red-painted phallus.

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  1. If Mr. Priapus was indeed suffering from an enlarged and red member, lasting more than four hours, he should seek medical attention.

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