Neo-natal Anniversary and “The Queen Mother Bee Tree”


          Well today is my birthday and I’ve been enjoying myself immensely. This morning it’s been nothing but Charlie Chaplin on TMC, which is fine with me. It makes perfect sense though, as April 16th is also Chaplin’s birthday! Stephie and I watched Modern Times together and she was completely enthralled. We had a great time picking apart Chaplins art of pantomime and hearing him speak on camera (actually sing!) for the first time. Stephie and I have so much in common in this way, and she was a real trooper putting up with all the trivia I kept boring her with during the film.

~ Modern Times (1936) ~

          Another anniversary should be noted today. Desert Wind Graphics, this blog site, has been up online for a year now. I hope everyone who is reading this has enjoyed some of the posts and may have learned a thing or two about the odds and ends I’ve touched upon. I promise more to come this year.

          Ernie and I had a great time out in the desert the weekend before last. We did the most amazing hike down Ella Wash from the Arroyo Salado campground. Ella Wash is probably the prettiest wash in Anza Borrego, and that is saying a lot! The hike was about ten miles round trip and winds past the most amazing panorama of desert scenery imaginable. About five miles in we came to the Vista Del Malpais, which afforded us with a breathtaking and truly sublime view of the Borrego Badlands. We could see Font’s Point directly across from us off towards the southwest. All along the wash huge earthen structures rose up looking like Egyptian temples, carved by father time, including ancient hieroglyphs, columns, terraces, and niches, complete with sacred statues inside. Beyond belief! There were no wildflowers in bloom. But flaming red flowers of the Ocotillo plants were everywhere! Pretty much everything else in this part of the desert was dessicated and dead looking. Which made our next discovery even more remarkable!

~ Galleries of Ancient Statues ~

          Framed right in the middle of a large bend in the wash we found an enormous Palo Verde tree in full bloom. The bright green bark and foliage stood out sharply against the curelian blue sky. The tiny yellow flowers, en mass, created a fuzzy looking glow that vibrated in the mid-day heat. But the funny thing was we actually heard the tree before it came into sight, for it was covered solid with thousands of wild bees. They zoomed and droned all about our bodies without interest. They only had eyes for the pollen on this mother-of-all trees. It was so completely mesmerizing that Ernie and I just stood there speechless for the longest time… just getting in tune with it. I thought we should follow the bees back to the hive and get some of that wild honey! Ernie pointed out that we were completely out of bee sting antidote, so we continued onward.


~ Me and the Queen Bee Tree ~

~ Ernie in the Drone Zone ~

          Back at camp we rested and while enjoying a couple of steaks and some rare spirits we were rewarded with this sunset.

~ Arroyo Salado Sunset ~

~ sidestreetsam

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