Becoming a Contemplative ~ and “The Cloud of Unknowing”

          Ah… It’s desert season once again. My favorite time of the year. Although I think a visit to the desert is fine anytime of the year, it’s much nicer when the temperature is about 70 degrees and all the wildflowers are in radiant bloomage. Early in April my hiking buddy, Ernie, and I will be heading out to Arroyo Salado in Anza Borrego for an over-niter to burn some wood and consider the starglow energy.


          Also in April the infamous band, Nexus, and posse will be retiring to Little Blair Valley in Anza Borrego to film a music video at Ghost Mountain.

          We’ve recorded a cover of “Send Me an Angel” by the Scorpions, and I’ve been working closely with Mademoiselle Pamela in preparation of the storyboard, shooting schedule, etc… The band Real Life released a synth driven new wave hit in 1983 under the same name. As much as I would like to connect these two songs, they are in no way whatsoever connected!!! (thanks to debbie for steering me in the right direction!) Check out this YouTube link for a little trip in the wayback machine;

          “Send Me an Angel” by the Scorpions, the heavy metal epic from 1992, is the version we covered. Both songs utilize the refrain, “Send Me an Angel”, to create a killer chorus. Check out the YouTube video to sample this massive slab of coliseum rock.

          Do you ever feel like getting off the grid, escaping to the desert, (or Palm Springs, as Debbie prefers!) or would you like to become a Desert Prophet? Have I got a manual for you! I’m reading “The Cloud of Unknowing”, written in the Middle Ages by an anonymous monk. It offers practical advice on mystical matters. Basically, the author appeals to those readers who wish to withdraw from “the active life” and spend their time following three dictum’s ~ to read, to think, to pray. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? The modern translation is by Dr. Ira Progoff who does a superlative job in making the words relevant to today’s world. Dell Publishing Company. A Delta Book – ISBN: 0-440-51357-X.

~ sidestreetsam

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4 comments on “Becoming a Contemplative ~ and “The Cloud of Unknowing”

  1. The Centering Prayer group at CCP has read “The Cloud of Unknowing”. It speaks to me also. I find the mix of silence and action to work for me but the silence and a retreat to nature is very important.

    • ~ Hi, Janet! I’m so glad “The Cloud of Unknowing” resonates with you and the ladies of the Centering Prayer group. I shouldn’t be surprised though, as your group practices the three-fold way of all contemplatives… reading scripture, thinking deeply about the Word, and finally, learning to pray, focusing on bringing the living Lord of pure joy onto the altar of your heart, worshiping only God there with flowers of deathless devotion.

  2. Clearly the Scorpions knew what they were doing as they changed the words and put in the awesome guitar lead.
    Yet I have always liked the Real Life version. I did think of them as being related until you mentioned it.

    • ~ Conchita! I must apologize to you for thinking the version by Real Life of “Send Me an Angel” was the same song, radically rearranged, by the Scorpions in 1993! Something didn’t jive when I thought about what you said. Did a little factoid checking and sure enough, no relation to each other, although both have a killer chorus refrain (Send Me an Angel!!!) in common. You’re a smart gal with a mind like a steel trap. Luv, Sammy

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