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NEXUS and the band formerly known as “Wing and a Prayer”

          NEXUS is the name of the band I’ve been playing with in some form or another for at least 10 years. We were originally called the “Celebration Band“, and from 2006-2012 we went by the name, “Wing and a Prayer“. We … Continue reading

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The Mithras Bookstore and Unicorn Theatre

          First there was the Ice Age, then the Stone Age, and finally, the Teen Age. Back in the day, 1972 to be exact, when I sixteen, I discovered a magical place in La Jolla called the Mithras Bookstore. This was … Continue reading

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Brian Eno and “Oblique Strategies”

Happy New Year to Everyone out there in the blogosphere! 2013 promises to be an epic year!                    I’m always inspired by amazing people like Eno. Also, I’m intrigued by any helpful tool that appeals to our creative energies. So make sure … Continue reading

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